Writing / Content Samples

Cosmetic Surgeon’s Site

Here is an example of my recommended content followed by the existing site copy of a cosmetic surgeon –

Announcing Her New Business

My client sought out my service to write this announcement to friends and family on FaceBook. She knew she was prone to including too much detail but she didn’t know how to hone her message to be most palatable. She also felt that an objective perspective from a professional writer was necessary to help glean the attention of her readers and elicit some replies to her invitation. So after some back and forth with her, this is the end product.

An Email for a Weight Loss Expert Client Sent to Her List

The assignment here was to create an email to prospective weight loss clients that demonstrated how using the mind could assist with their weight loss success.

Another Email for a Weight Loss Expert Client Sent to Her List

In this example, client wanted to give prospects an idea of what their weight loss plan might look like. Of course, we created this together in order to communicate that.