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Jeanne Natré

I make you look like the expert that you are!

VIDEO INTERVIEWS ~ THE CLIENT DELIVERY GENERATOR : As a culture, research shows that we are more amenable to watch a video than to read. In that light, I recommend using a video interview format for delivering your website content message. When my clients do a video interview with me, your prospects see how knowledgeable and personable you are and your ‘know-like-trust’ factor skyrockets. A connection has begun!

Isn’t marketing all about CONNECTION? We humans are hard-wired to connect! When prospects see you expressing your passion, enthusiasm and expertise – you have touched them on an emotional level. How deep does the connection with your prospects go when they read your printed content? When compared with a video interview, that typical printed copy lacks depth, authenticity and personality. The very best way to show your unique selling point, which is YOU, is via a video interview.

The other major factor in marketing is AUTHENTICITY: In this digitally saturated era of today, our human nature craves authenticity! This human quality comes through on videos allowing for a connection with prospects that printed copy can’t touch.  And, going even deeper, if you have a story or a client testimony, it belongs on your video.  Stories sell!

See Video Interview Sample below and printed content on the Writing Samples page tab.

“You want to be engaging and understood, because being engaging and understood matter so much to you.” Abraham-Hicks

About me – My work in the alternative and energetic healing fields for a cumulative 35 years is still a passion. I have been an expert in the fields of weight loss, chronic pain relief and essential oils healing. I channel this passion into content information about exciting, new and ancient technologies with the intention of empowering holistic healers, especially, to help their clients claim their innate, high state of wellness of body, mind and Spirit! Holistic and energy healing is what works! My stand is that of supporting these healers to be more visible and successful so we can all heal in a more natural and authentic way.

Check out this quote from EyeWideDigital.Jun 19, 2018 – “Does video increase conversion rate?Our brains process video 60,000 times faster than text. Video is entertaining, visual, and drastically underused to convert leads. Yet, having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%.

For local clients, I come to your place of business and for folks outside the CO Rocky Mountain area we do it remotely using the Zoom platform. 

If you prefer not to include a video on your site – I offer content writing for emails, Blogs, and freelance writing projects with the special sauce of savvy marketing experience to emotionally connect with prospects.

Want clients? It’s all in the messaging! Having been in the content writing and marketing fields for several years, I can relate to your challenge of getting clients and move you toward greater prospect conversions.

SENIORS, YOUR LIFE LEGACY ON VIDEO – The video medium is such a great way to describe your life! Consider that there may be grandchildren who arrive after you have departed. They will thrill at seeing and hearing you share about your life. They will get a bead on your personality that photos and written memoirs just can’t touch.

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Scalar Light – Tom Paladino Interview

YOU are your very best, unique selling point!